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Love Yourself

Emotional Baggage Clearing

Letting go of the past and moving forwards

Life can be hard.  Harder still, when you feel your past sitting heavily in your present.

Let us help you.

Often clients long to move forward in their lives, to look towards the future with optimism, but struggle to do so if healing of past issues needs to take place.

Through a gentle guided visualisation designed to identify what is holding you back, and guidance to help you let go - a release will take place.

This session is ideal for anyone who feels unable to let go of a situation, person or issue by themselves.

"I honestly can't thank you enough! I have been using my affirmations which helps too. Thankyou".

If you are ready to free yourself, we are here to help you.

Available with Tracy in the West Malling room or with Clare via zoom.

£40 for an hours session.
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