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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Emotional Healing

Do you need some help?

Life is difficult sometimes and we go through so many different emotional pains, from grief, heartbreak and losing our way. It can take a toll on our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Reiki Master Sharon’s Emotional Healing session will cater to your specific emotional needs.
Are you grieving? Are you heartbroken? Have you lost your self confidence?
Sharon will start the session with a one on one discussion about how you are feeling.
Based on the discussion, using crystals, chakras and Reiki, Sharon will flow healing to the specific emotion. Calming the energy surrounding it.
To end the session, Sharon will teach you how to self heal the area to extend your healing journey at home.

The healing process will leave you feeling lighter, calmer and filed with positive energy.

Sessions available from our venue in West Malling.

90 minutes session - £45

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