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"I have found myself able to move forward a lot with my healing and self-growth since my session with you.

I found it such an incredible experience and one that enabled me to release a lot of past pain and resentment (some of which I had no idea was there).

I cannot verbalise the profound effect it has had and my gratitude in meeting you and your gift in helping me start to break through these emotional obstacles" S.M

Life Guidance

Tracy has worked in the Psychic & Spiritual field for 20 years.  After giving numerous readings in this time, she began to see how she could truly help clients.
Giving answers in readings was insightful, but temporary, as questions and doubts always arise in life. 

Instead she found that helping them to release the past, connect to their inner voice for guidance, they could start to create a life they deserved and were in control of. 

Below is a list of Tracy' services, all designed to help you understand more about yourself.  If you are unsure which to choose, please do get in touch.

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