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Our Story

Welcome to Talking Spirit

​Tracy Sharman and Clare Teale met at The Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies in 2007.  After just a few hours together they soon realised they shared very similar views and values.  Tired of seeing mediums who talked only of their own 'gifts', Clare and Tracy decided to set up Talking Spirit to prove that everyone has these gifts.  Gifts of being more than just human, knowing there is a spirit within and finding out what that means.


Now Talking Spirit is a well known spiritual development and holistic centre.


"Along the way we have met amazing people who have helped form Talking Spirit, which is why today we are able to offer different services, classes and events using the loveliest of souls to help us bring a range of experiences for you.


We welcome you to our site, Talking Spirit is a lifestyle choice, you can attend classes and events, learn more about yourself, have a reading or healing and more importantly meet your tribe!"

Love Tracy and Clare x


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