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Past Life Regression 

Past life Regression is a fascinating subject.  We believe we have lived many lives.  But what happens to the experiences and memories of all of those lifetimes? 

Sometimes we take them with us, good and bad, we carry them around in our present lives. 

We can feel stuck or have a fear of abandonment, these emotions can often be linked back to hardships in a previous life.

This means we can suffer with fears that have no place in this life, by regressing you are able to identify what caused the fear and you have the choice to leave it behind in that life.

Tracy Sharman trained as a Past Life Therapist to help her clients identify what was affecting their lives and why, understanding is the first step to healing.  

Others enjoy Past Life Regression because they are curious, they want to know who they once were, what their life looked like.  

Whatever your reason for booking a session, you will benefit from an interesting and often life enhancing experience.

Price £45 for an hour's session.

Held at our premises in West Malling.  

Seated or laying on Reiki Couch.

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