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Your Spiritual Development - What You Need To Know.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

We are often asked by those interested in finding more about Spirit is "where do I start"?

You may have never looked at this side of life before but suddenly you have an interest.

Or you may have always felt things intuitively but never really investigated it.

All paths lead to this point. The reason you’re reading this is because you are ready to learn more, you perhaps are drawn to fully exploring what it means to be spiritual.

This blog and the subsequent blogs will help you discover what you need to know on your spiritual journey.

Just a heads up.. Psychic/intuition is your gut instinct. We always talk about it, its that knowing or feeling you get about someone or something. Spiritual/spiritual development is your own spirit, the understanding that we are more than just our human bodies and the learning we undertake.

So where do you start?

Firstly its about exploration, there are numerous books, programmes, YouTube videos for you to learn from. So what grabs your attention? Are you a reader? Or do you prefer documentaries? Or do you prefer to think about the information yourself. Start there because the type of person you are determines how you gather your spiritual information now.

So find some books (I loved 'Diary of a psychic' by Sonia Choquette when I first started out). Trust me you'll be drawn to the right book. Or go online and find a mediation on how to open up your intuition. (We created one for that very purpose Or start talking to people you know are interested in this, as talking with like minded folk really helps you on your journey. If you haven't already you might like to join our online community on facebook, which is full of free exercises on all things spiritual, just search for 'Talking Spirit online community'.

Below are some steps you might want to follow. After many years of developing my own spirituality and teaching others to do the same, I have some tips which I'd like to share. Trust me, follow these and you'll save yourself some time!

Step One.

Quieten your mind. Yes we know this is a struggle for all of us but how can you connect to Spirit if our brain's are packed full of thoughts?

Just spending 5 minutes per day quieting your mind (use anyone of our meditations and you'll be shown how to do this easily and effortlessly). Do this when you feel so inclined and teach yourself to quiet the mind

Step Two.

Learning to trust. People often ask us how do I trust the information I am receiving from spirit and our response is - confirmation!

You will think you are making this all up, it’s all part of the learning curve. In fact it’s a good thing, because it makes you question what you are receiving, and that is not a bad thing. That is why a development group or circle is a good place to practice because you can work with like-minded individuals and practice your craft. If this isn’t an option for you right now you could always ask friends if you could practice on them.

Practice what? I hear you ask!

Step Three.

Which leads me to this point - buy yourself some oracle cards, something that you feel drawn to or comfortable with. Even if you are brand spanking new these are your tools. By practicing looking at the cards and receiving information from them (no matter how subtle or inconsequential you feel it to be).

These will help you to trust the information you gain and to give readings to your friends which in turn leads to confirmation. Being in a development group is handy at this point so that you have lots of willing people to practice on.

At Talking Spirit we read the cards intuitively which means we do not learn their meanings and why we do not use traditional tarot. This is just our preference. So if you’re able to buy yourself a pack of cards and spend one evening just shuffling them and looking at them and getting used to them. You will soon develop your own meanings for each cards you will not be wrong as they are your meanings.

I personally recommend 'The Psychic Tarot' by John Holland. Easy to read messages and images which inspire your intuition.

Step Four.

Getting stuck. Often people can find themselves feeling stuck. The initial excitement and motivation to evolve spiritually fades away. It can be because you’re not getting the information you want or feeling you aren't doing a very good job. Spiritual development is for life. There is no quick route in.

This is something that will come in and out of your life now that you have chosen to develop it. My biggest advice to anyone reading this is go with the flow. Sometimes you feel about as psychic as a stone and other days you will just feel it flowing within you - trust this process. When you feel inspired pick up your cards, give someone or yourself a reading. The point is not necessarily how accurately you are more that you are practising and learning to listen.

Step Five.

Am I making this up? There is a distinct difference between your own thoughts and your intuition/spirits messages. They feel different.

We would encourage that you spend some time feeling the difference. The tricky part here is spirit will often drop their thoughts into your mind, which then feels like your own thoughts.

With Spirit the voice might sound like yours, but it will feel as if it’s been boomed into your head. Our own thoughts tend to just flow along as if it was background noise. When we are connected to spirit and using our intuition - our whole bodies are alert.

Use your body as an antenna. It is not just pictures or words, you will feel things. So as you are exploring your spiritual side with readings or meditation you will notice differences in your body. You might suddenly feel sad or happy, is this yours or is it the spirit person or individual you are reading for? If you are still unsure you can practice receiving words and information and seeing if they appear with feelings. What I mean by this is, thoughts just come into the mind, but the spiritual and intuitive advice often comes with a sense or a feeling in your heart or gut.

Step Six

What are you trying to achieve or gain?

It is often good to reflect on what it is you’re trying to achieve from discovering and developing your spiritual and psychic side? Do you want to help people, what interests you? Would you like to connect people to their loved ones in spirit?

For example I love people - how they operate, what makes them think. If I could start again I would probably do a psychology degree, if only I could retain anything! So for me reading is often about helping people move forward in their lives and getting rid of things that no longer serve them.

So think about what interests you? Are you interested in connecting people to Spirit, are you doing this for your own journey and want to find peace. Or perhaps you want to help people and animals. Start to think about what it is that floats your boat with all of this.

Step Seven.

Don’t lose your energy.

One of the biggest set backs we see in spiritual development and with us psychic folk is how we can lose our energy quickly. Intuitive spiritual people are generally givers. That means they will help anyone but unfortunately at the cost of their own energy.

So what this means is you need to learn to protect your own energy. Before giving a reading I imagine opening up shutters in my solar plexus (gut instinct) so for that time in the reading I am open and giving my energy to that person. But when the reading is finished I’ll give my energy a quick cleanse by visualising a golden light shooting through it and then I bring the energy back in and shut the shutters.

So next time we’re allowed out and we are in public spaces you might feel assaulted by all of the energy around you. Put yourself in a bubble, imagine a lovely colour surrounding you so the others energy cannot disrupt yours.

If you identify with this and constantly feel zapped by others, get in touch. We have so many techniques to help you.

I'll leave you to contemplate these steps and what they might mean for you. Look out for my next blog on your spiritual development - what you need to know.

Tracy x

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