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Discover your Intuition in this tailor made session just for you


Would you like to understand more about your own intuition?
Do you feel things? Are you sensitive to other people and pick up on their moods?

Are you intrigued by the notion of life continuing after death?

Book a one to one Spiritual Development session to discover and build upon your own unique gifts. 

We can show you how to connect to spirit in the most beautiful way. To hone your intuition and make it work for you.

Stop feeling worn out by everyone else's energy.

Sessions are tailored to your needs, even if you don't know what they are yet, let us guide you.

Through learning about mediumship and psychic readings, energy work, different forms of healing, crystals, guides, past lives, your life purpose, mediation and mindfulness -  you'll discover a whole new you.

Tailored for you sessions offered by Teacher & Intuitive Tracy Sharman in the West Malling venue.
£45 for the session, please be aware these sessions may go over the hour if needed.

You can choose one session or opt for more, there is no obligation.  After the session you will be given a free meditation to use at home.


For Spiritual Development Groups please click here and scroll through to 'Psychic & Spiritual Development'.

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